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"Delirium - Juggernaut of Disease"
By: Daphne LeFay (2004) (English)

"Janusz Courts Dinah"
By: Sam Vaknin (2004) (English)

By: Cailean Darkwater (2000) (English)

"The Beast"
By: Cailean Darkwater (2000) (English)

"Another Day"
By: Cailean Darkwater (2000) (English)

By: Cailean Darkwater (2000) (English)

"Lillies in The Pond"
By: Jessi R. Perry (11) (2002) (English)

By: fledder (2003) (Dutch)

By: Ruud Schuring (2000) (Dutch)

By: Bethany Morrison (2002) (English)

By: Aran (2002) (Dutch)

By: Anonymous (2002) (Dutch)

"The Pattern"
By: Anatomically Incorrect Girl (2001) (English)

"Big Afkick"
By: Aran (2001) (Dutch)

"Reisverslag (deel 1 t/m 7)"
By: fledder (2001) (Dutch)

By: Aran (2001) (Dutch)

By: fledder (2001) (Dutch)

By: Anonymous (2000) (Dutch)

"De Inslag"
By: Aran (2000) (Dutch)

By: fledder (2000) (Dutch)

"The Concert"
By: fledder (2000) (English)

By: Sanne (1999) (Dutch)

"If I Told You I Was Crazy, Would You Believe Me? If I Told You I Loved You, Would You Think Me Insane?"
By: SarahLeeAnn (1998) (English)

"Faery Sidhe"
By: SarahLeeAnn (1999) (English)

By: Aran (1999) (Dutch)

"The Party"
By: Aran (1998) (English)