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"Lillies in The Pond"
By: Jessi R. Perry (11)

Jade Parker, liked to sit by the pond and watch the
frogs jump about the lillies.  She also liked to look
at the lilies.  She thought it was so peaceful.  She
also thought it was better than being home.  Her mom's
name was Daisy.  Her dad's name was Dan. She had three
friends. Their names were Madison Branch, Dijhona
Holts, and Josie Martin.
	When she went home that day her mom started nagging
because she didn't clean up her room.  Her friends
came by later go to the arcade.
	Madison said, "Have a good day, Jade?"
	"Sorta but my mom nagged at me cause I didn't clean
my room," said Jade.  
	As they were walking to Jade's house her dad offered
them a ride.  When they got there her mom had made
them lunch.  When they were done with their lunch,
they were going to go to go to Jade's room.  Jade was
the last one in line.  All of a sudden the floor came
up were the rug was, and Jade tripped on the bump. 
The bump went down when she tripped.  
	She said, "What was that?" 
	As she was lifting up the rug her mom said, "Stop! 
Don't look under there it was probably just your dad
working on the pipes."
	When they went in her room she said, "Man, my mom was
acting funny when I lifted up the carpet a little."
	The next day her parents were going to be out of
town.  Jade asked them if her friends could come over.
They said, "O.k. but no party's or boy's."
	She said, "There won't be."  She called her friends
and said that they could come over if their mom's and
dad's didn't care.  Madison was the only one that was
allowed to come over.
	Madison said, "We can check under the rug now."
	Jade said, "I know."
	Madison said, "Let's go."
	They went to the rug were the floor had come up. 
They moved the rug and they saw a trap door.  They
tried to open it but it was locked.  They decided to
go to the pond.  When they got there, they sat for a
	Jade said, "The lilies are so pretty, I am going to
pick one."  She picked it and said, "It is beautiful."
	Madison picked the last one.  As always, they traded.
	Jade said, "This one is plastic."  She saw that it
opened.  So, she opened it and there was a key in it. 
There was a description on it which said it was the
key to the trap door in the Parker house.  They dashed
back to the house and put the key in the key hole in
the trap door.  They opened it up, and Jade's dog Lady
and three little puppies come out of the hole.  Her
dog was beige.  One of the puppies was brown and white
and the other two was black and white.  When her
parents come back they found the trap door open, and
the two girls playing with the puppies.  Her parents
told her that they had said not to open it.  She
explained what had happened.
	They said, "O.k. you're not in trouble."
	Her dad said, "I nailed up the way into and out of
the bottom of the house outside. I didn't know that
they were under there."
	They said, "You can keep one of them but the other
two we have to give away."
	Jade said, "Can I give them away?"
	They said, "O.k."
	When Madison went home, her mom and dad told her that
she was a good  to do that  to save the puppies and
Lady's life . She kept the runt the little brown and
white one.


(c)opyright 2002 by Jessi R. Perry (11)