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This is 'De-Flux Stories', a De-Flux project. De-Flux Stories is a place where people can freely publish short stories and other compact fiction for other people to read. De-Flux Stories is also like a phoenix risen from the ashes of Catatonics. Call it a reincarnation. And, like with most reincarnations, there are both similarities and differences between the two.

How to publish?
If you've written a short story, either in English or Dutch, and would like to publish it on De-Flux Stories, you can simply do so by mailing the story and some details to stories (at) The details I need are:
-Your name (or nickname)
-The email address you want me to ad, if any
-The URL of your website, if it has anything to do with literature.
-The year your story was written
-The title of your story

Please send me your story in 'plain-text' format. NOT MsWord.

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What was Catatonics?
Catatonics was, like De-Flux Stories, a place where people could publish short stories. The writings published on Catatonics however were more diverse, with a seperated 'Poems' section and columns by myself and other people. Catatonics was founded back in 1999 and kindly hosted for two years by the Digital City Foundation ( In 2001 however the Digital City Foundation decided to go commercial and there was no longer room for non-profit websites like Catatonics. In two years Catatonics pulled more than 2000 visitors from all over the world. I hope some of the spirit of Catatonics lives on in De-Flux Stories and, of course,

Legal Disclaimer

Some of the stories presented on this site may be offensive to some people. De-Flux reserves the right not to be responsible for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of any story presented on this site, be it written by the maintainer of De-Flux or any other author. De-Flux assumes no responsibility for any physical, mental or emotional damage caused by any story presented on this site, be it written by the maintainer of De-Flux or any other author. Any resemblance between any person, place or object in any story presented on this site and any existing person, place or object is either purely coincidental or meant in a satirical way and should not be taken seriously. Furthermore, De-Flux assumes no responsibility for any contents linked or referred to from these pages.

Everybody is free to send in stories. De-Flux however reserves the right to refuse material without stating the reason of refusal. If you sent in any material, please be sure you hold all the rights of it. If you sent in any material written by somebody other than you, please make sure you get their permission and explicitly add the name of the author. If you contribute material of your own, you will remain the legal owner of the material and are free to publish it at any other place.

Every story is presented on this site with the permission of it's author, and are property and copyright of the author. Any form of reproduction or republication of any story presented on this site, is not permitted without the author's agreement. The design of this site is copyright of De-Flux. Any form of reproduction of this design is not permitted without De-Flux' agreement.