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By: Cailean Darkwater

I leave this chronicle as a warning to the future, if 
there is a future. The infection spreads across the 
world, corrupting all that it touches. I do not have 
the power or courage to stop it, I do not know if 
anyone does. I have seen it claim my friends and 
family. I shall not let it claim me. Death shall 
claim me: unsullied, strong, pure. The poison that I 
have administered is quick and painless - death 
before dishonour, you could say.

I have seen what the scourge has done to the world 
and I do not wish to become a part of it. It is no 
longer my world, but a mockery of all we held dear.

It started so very innocuously, as such world-
altering events often do. A routine arrest in a 
little place you've probably never heard of.

OFFICER'S REPORT: August 17th. 

"Vagrant; male, black. No ID at time of arrest, no 
name given or forthcoming from questioning. Ragged 
clothes, no shoes, no money at time of arrest. 
Vagrant was very happy, however, and very 
co-operative in nature. Believed to be intoxicated; 
perhaps deranged? (refer to psych report) When 
questioned about his incongruously happy state, 
vagrant laughed; stated 'I got the TRUTH! You want 
some, man?' Vagrant was subsequently searched again 
for drugs; none found. Tests inconclusive, seemed to 
be clean."

How wrong they were. They just couldn't detect it, 
that's all. If they had got rid of that vagrant then, 
they would have saved the world.

OFFICIAL MEMO, August 21st, from the desk of Sergeant 

"Re: Prisoner #57. No officer is allowed within 3 
feet of Prisoner #57. After the severe attitude 
change of Officers Santos, Willoughby and Carter, we 
believe that #57 still has a quantity of TRUTH and 
is disseminating it - his continued state of 
happiness testifies he has enough to feed his own 
addiction as well as spreading it to others. If you 
are exposed to TRUTH, you will be dismissed as have 
Santos, Willoughby and Carter. This is a message for 
your OWN PROTECTION. Prisoner #57 is dangerous and 
TRUTH is dangerous."

You see, it started to spread, like some inexorable 
cancer. Just as hard to stop - no cure; a 
suppression; a remission. But it still lay there, 
like a silent serpent, to lunge whenever defences 
were lowered. They tried to eliminate it, as I 
tried, but they failed, as I failed.

OFFICIAL MEMO, August 25th, from the desk of 
Sergeant Murtagh.

"I have interviewed Prisoner #57 and after careful 
deliberation I violated my own orders. Prisoner #57 
has shared his TRUTH with me, it has made me so 
happy, it has made my life complete. All the 
officers I have dismissed I welcome back with open 
arms; I apologize, please forgive me. All of you, 
please visit Prisoner #57 yourselves but be quick; 
he will be released on the 28th. Join me in 

Thankfully, Sergeant Murtagh was quickly relieved 
of command by Internal Security. Some noble 
individual obviously reported his treasonous 
activities to the proper authorities. Prisoner #57 
was not released as promised. When Internal 
Security stepped in and saw the threat to our great 
nation, they locked down the precinct and had their 
top scientists work on the nature of TRUTH. 
Believing TRUTH to be some viral or bacterial 
agent, Prisoner #57 was declared a biohazard and 
was sequestered away in a hermetically sealed cell. 
None of this took his euphoria away. This proved 
how dangerous TRUTH was.

PROGRESS REPORT: Special Agent Wynn.

"We have been compromised. The hermetic seals have 
been sabotaged, we have infiltrators within our 
ranks. Too many of our agents have gone rogue; 
colleagues whom I have depended on for years 
suddenly have changed their ways. A break-out by 
key infiltrators was attempted last night and 
almost succeeded. TRUTH-afflicted rogue agents seem 
to be particularly peaceful and non-
confrontational. If they weren't I believe we would 
all be dead by now."

(This, however, was Special Agent Wynn's last 
report. He is believed to have gone rogue also. 
Within the month all agents at the facility were 
TRUTH-afflicted. A new squad of Internal Security 
was deployed to secure Prisoner #57.)

Something had to be done. TRUTH was spreading all 
over the country; no one could stop its relentless 
advance. Entire groups of people, everywhere, 
without any definable connection with one another 
were being addicted; calling themselves "Seekers of 
TRUTH". They networked; they grew in strength, an 
insidious infection upon our country. Fortunately 
wiser, rational people held the reins of power and 
sought to behead the viper before it could strike.


"Due to his treasonous activities threatening the 
social fabric of our fine nation, Prisoner #57 is 
sentenced for execution by lethal injection on 
October 3rd. TRUTH has been a scourge upon our 
streets - everywhere can be seen the happy, 
smiling face of the Seeker. Removing the leader of 
this corruptive, criminal syndicate that promotes 
widespread and frequent use of TRUTH should halt 
this terrible plague which he has unleashed upon 
us. Ladies and gentlemen; I promise I shall stop 
the spread of TRUTH by any means necessary. My 
government and I shall save you, loyal patriotic 
citizens that you are, from exposure to TRUTH. And 
I say to you; TRUTH has no place in this great 
country of ours or anywhere else in the world."

A voice of sanity against the tide of madness.

The frequency of break-out attempts by the Seekers 
intensified a hundredfold. They did not succeed in 
Prisoner #57's release. Political groups argued in 
court long and hard for his sentence to be revoked, 
but a presidential decree has too much weight for 
such insignificant attacks to make any difference. 
Prisoner #57 was executed at his appointed time. 
However the Seekers of TRUTH had gained in #57's 
sacrifice the very model of a modern martyr - he 
went to his death with joy suffusing his features - 
we couldn't take that away from him, no matter how 
hard we tried. I'm afraid that his rapture did make 
me somewhat wistful, I hoped someday I would 
experience such bliss, even for just a moment. But 
that would mean accepting TRUTH - and I did not 
want such taint upon my soul. I could not relate it 
to anything I already knew, it was so different to 
the established order. Perhaps I was just content 
with what I had, unwilling to risk my worldview by 
exposing myself to this TRUTH.

THE TIMES, October 27th

"Although the President expected the death of 
Prisoner #57 to paralyze the Seekers of TRUTH it 
seems that membership of this strange group is 
steadily increasing. Whole towns have joined this 
seemingly tranquil movement. Peaceful 
demonstrations have been held; BRING 'TRUTH' TO THE 
PEOPLE, one of their more popular slogans. It seems 
the death of Prisoner #57, which was intended to 
stop the Seekers of TRUTH has actually accelerated 
their cause."

It was true. We cut the head off the snake, not 
knowing it was the Hydra of legend. A multitude of 
heads appeared; too many cells of resistance to be 
put down. It raced across the country like raging 
wildfire; it spread to all nations. We were the 
best hope of the world, but we could not stop the 
power of TRUTH.

What is TRUTH? It must be very addictive, beyond 
the siren's call of heroin or cocaine, luring away 
even these addicts to itself. However, some have 
resisted its enticing seduction, they speak of 
such terror and agony that TRUTH has brought them, 
haunted night after night by tortured dreams. 
TRUTH seems to be a paradox, pleasure and pain 
hopelessly combined together.

My children, my spouse, my friends. All joined the 
burgeoning tide - all Seekers of TRUTH. TRUTH has 
taken all I held dear away from me by their 
willing surrender to what has possessed their 

I know they feel pity and sorrow for me because I 
have not joined them; I feel pity and sorrow for 
them because they have been warped and twisted to 
unrecognizability by TRUTH. They are no longer what 
they were before.

I can no longer live in a world ravaged by TRUTH.

(c)opyright 2000 by Cailean Darkwater